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About us:       

Tawas Plating Company & Tawas Powder Coating, Inc. has 56 years experience in the design of high quality plating/coating solutions for high performance and durability requirements. Established in 1954, we have since grown to a 40,000 square foot plating facility and a 26,000 square foot powder coating facility. We believe in continuous improvement and ensuring that we offer a service of the highest quality and value! We are located near downtown Tawas City, which is bounded by the Huron National Forest on the west, Lake Huron and Tawas Bay on the east, and the famous Au Sable River on the north. We mainly service Michigan and the Midwest region.


Tawas Plating Company & Tawas Powder Coating specializes in providing electroless nickel (EN) plating, zinc plating, and powder coating solutions. We can reduce the number of vendors you have by offering multiple source capability through a single source; including plating and coating applications, inspection operations, light assembly and part packaging. We will provide you an unwavering commitment to customer service, exceeding your quality and cost targets as demonstrated throughout our 50-plus year history. We will assist you in reducing production downtime, scrap and potential warranty costs, by providing you with the highest quality plating or coating solution from product design and prototypes through full production.

Corporate mission statement:       

The mission of Tawas Plating Company & Tawas Powder Coating is to provide quality metal finishing services utilizing our multi-disciplinary teams, empowered personnel and a philosophy of continuous improvement. Our pro active approach providing our employees with the leadership, tools, resources and systems needed, allows us to compete and succeed in the global marketplace.

Quality policy: teamwork, performance, customer satisfaction       

Environmental initiatives:       

We are charter members of the EPA's Strategic Goals Program which is an initiative sponsored by the EPA for a voluntary commitment to "better than compliance" environmental performance.

Initiative Example: ELVD (End-of-life-vehicle Directive)
The End-of-Life Vehicle Directive is the name given to the European Union's Directive 2000/53/EC, regarding the prevention of waste generated by End-of-Life vehicles and their components through reuse, recycling and recovery. Tawas Plating Company & Tawas Powder Coating complies with ELVD by eliminating targeted raw materials, including hexavalent chromate, cadmium and lead from its design and manufacturing processes. An additional step in compliance with ELVD is utilizing the International Materials Data System (IMDS) to document the raw materials used in our processes.